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We’re a small family-operated farm, conveniently located outside San Antonio, devoted to producing colorful  Painted Desert sheep. Our foundation herd is registered with the Painted Desert Sheep Society and the Trophy Hair Sheep of America. 


You might want to know . . . .

We are members of the Painted Desert Sheep Society as well as the Trophy Hair Sheep of America.  Painted Desert sheep are recommended by agricultural experts as an outstanding means of weed and grass control in pastures.  They are colorful hair sheep and do not require shearing or docking. Ewe lambs reach puberty between 5 and 8 months of age and the average gestation is 147 days. Therefore, ewes often have their first lambs around their first birthday.  The ease of lambing, the high rate of twinning, and the fact they breed year-round means a small herd rapidly multiplies in number.  This is a hardy breed which seldom needs vet intervention. They are tolerant of extreme weather conditions, make excellent mothers, are low-maintenance and disease resistant.


A Healthy, well-fed herd

The meat produced is tender and flavorful without the muttony taste associated with wooly sheep.  

The health and well-being of our animals is our primary concern. Our livestock is fed high-quality hay and supplements. We worm on an as-needed basis, treat our animals humanely, and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the animals you purchase from us. We have been raising sheep and goats all of our lives and enjoy helping others discover the advantages of becoming livestock producers. 

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